(2024/03/18 出刊)

  The Catalonia region in Spain recently began providing free reusable period products at pharmacies. This will benefit 2.5 million women. In 2020, Scotland became the first to offer free sanitary products, but the Catalan government said this was the first time reusable menstrual products were given away for free.
  A survey found 44% of women using menstruation products in Catalonia could not afford their first-choice product. Twenty-three percent said they had to reuse items designed for single use. This so-called period poverty can increase the risk of infection and toxic shock syndrome.
  According to the survey, women can spend €2,500 (or NT$85,000) on sanitary products in their lifetime but opting for reusable products will reduce that cost to about €145 (or NT$5,000). The measure also aims to cut down more than 9,000 tons of waste generated each year in Catalonia from used disposable tampons and sanitary pads.

 一項調查顯示,加泰隆尼亞地區使用生理期產品的女性中,約有44%無法負擔她們首選的生理用品。23% 的女性因經濟問題,不得不重複使用一次性的生理用品。這種所謂的「月經貧窮」現象,可能增加感染和中毒性休克症候群的風險。
 根據調查,女性一生花在衛生用品的金額可高達2500 歐元(約新臺幣8 萬5千元),若使用可重複使用的產品,費用可望降至145歐元(約新臺幣5 千元)。這項措施的另一個目的,是減少加泰隆尼亞的垃圾量。每年一次性衛生棉條和衛生棉為當地帶來的垃圾量高達 9 千多噸。