(2024/02/26 出刊)
聯合國首份監測報告 五分之一遷徙物種瀕絕

  On February 12th, the UN released its firstever report on migratory species. It indicated that nearly half (44%) of migratory species on Earth are in rapid decline. More than a fifth of the nearly 1,200 species monitored by the UN are threatened with extinction.
  Many songbirds, fish, sea turtles, whales, sharks and other migratory animals move around the globe every year. They travel by land, the oceans and the sky.
  But now their migration is being cut and population is shrinking at a shocking rate. Most worryingly, nearly all (97%) of the listed fish species are facing a high risk of extinction.
  What are the largest threats to all migratory species? Overexploitation and habitat loss due to human activity. Climate change is also listed as a threat to the animals, as are pollution and invasive species.
  Migrating animals are vital to the health of ecosystems worldwide. Population recovery is possible. One of the key priorities is international cooperation as migratory animals’ survival depends on the efforts of all countries in which they are found.

 聯合國2 月12日公布有史以來第一份關於遷徙物種狀況的報告。報告指出,地球上近一半(44%)的遷徙動物正在迅速減少;聯合國監測的近1200 個物種中,有超過五分之一面臨絕種威脅。