(2024/01/29 出刊)

  Much of the United States has been dealing with extremely cold weather, thanks to what is known as a polar vortex. The dangerous Arctic storms have set record-low temperatures in parts of the country, leaving schools closed and flights grounded. Even an NFL playoff game was forced to be postponed. At least 83 were dead and electricity was knocked out, affecting tens of thousands in the Northwest.
  The Arctic blast has impacted 79 percent of the US geographically. Snow fell at a rate of 5 centimeters per hour. Sub-zero wind chills plunged Montana and the Dakotas to -45 degrees Celsius. Other parts of the country, from the Rockies to the Ohio Valley, saw temperatures drop 25 to 40 degrees below normal.
  Even Florida was not spared from the extreme cold snap. US scientists said the warming in the Arctic increases the likelihood that frigid polar air can sweep southwards. Freezing cold has led to record-breaking demand for energy, and power grid operators appealed to residents to voluntarily conserve electricity.

 北極寒流影響了美國79%的地區。降雪量達到每小時5 公分。冰風暴襲擊,使蒙大拿州和達科他州出現攝氏零下45度。其他地區,從洛磯山脈到俄亥俄河谷,氣溫也比平常低了25 度到40 度。