(2024/01/22 出刊)

  A 13-year-old American boy has become the first person ever to beat the popular video game Tetris. On December 21st, prodigy Willis Gibson, AKA Blue Scuti, made history by reaching level 157, the highest level and also known as the “true killscreen”. This kind of ending means the game breaks down and becomes unplayable.
  Nintendo’s Tetris came out in 1984 and quickly became a worldwide favorite. Now the game has officially been beaten by a human being. In the past, only a computer program could force such a game-ending shut-down.
  Gibson used a “rolling” controller playing method. It permits players to operate the controls in different ways to be able to keep playing longer to reach higher levels.
  When asked what his plans were for the future, he replied with a determined grin, “If somebody takes my record, I want to go after it and take it back.”

 美國一名13歲的男孩,成為有史以來第一個攻破熱門電玩「俄羅斯方塊」的人類玩家。12 月21 日,綽號Blue Scuti 的電玩神童吉布森寫下歷史,闖破俄羅斯方塊最高等級第157 關,導致「螢幕陷入死當」。這意味著此遊戲已被攻破,無法再繼續玩下去了。