Global tourism is rebounding strongly after the COVID-19 pandemic. A surge of tourists has prompted some of the tourist-flooded sites to introduce measures to curb overtourism.
  Venice, the historic Italian city, will trial a ticketing system from spring next year. Day visitors 14 or older will be charged €5 to enter the city’s center. The entrance fee will be applied on 30 separate dates throughout 2024, many of them during spring and summer holidays. Officials said the move wasn’t financially motivated.They said it was to find “a new balance between the rights of those who live, study or work in Venice and those who visit the city.”
  A similar policy went into place in Greece on September 4th. Visitor numbers to the famed Acropolis in Athens are being capped at 20,000 per day. People hoping to visit the cultural heritage site have to use a booking website to reserve a time slot in advance.

 例如,義大利古城威尼斯將從明年春季開始試辦入城收費制。14歲以上的一日遊旅客進入市中心,須支付5歐元入城費。政府將於2024 年選定30天試辦入城收費制,主要分布在春夏假期。官員表示,此舉並非出於經濟動機,而是希望「在威尼斯居民、學生、上班族的權益與觀光客的權益之間取得平衡」。