India made history on August 23rd, as it became the first country in the world to land its spacecraft near the moon’s south pole. It also became the fourth country to land a spacecraft on the moon, after the US, the former Soviet Union and China.
  Its moon lander, called Chandrayaan-3, touched down near the moon’s south pole, bringing cheers and applause from space scientists in the control center in Bengaluru. People across the country gathered in shops, offices, restaurants and their homes to watch the historic landing on television. “This moment is unforgettable. It is phenomenal. This is a victory cry of a new India,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  The moon vehicle operated for two weeks and ran experiments on the minerals on the moon’s surface. Many countries want to know about the moon’s south pole because it could hold vital reserves of frozen water.

 印度8月23 日成功登月,成為全球第一個在月球南極附近著陸的國家。同時,也是繼美國、前蘇聯、中國之後,第四個登上月球的國家。