Recently, more than 2,000 explosives, including more than 1,000 grenades were discovered in Queen Kosomak High School in Kratie province in north-eastern Cambodia. The school has been forced to close due to the emergency.
  The school was used as a military station during the civil war. The unexploded munitions were found when the school was clearing the ground to expand a garden. “It is a huge stroke of luck for the students. These devices would explode easily if someone dug into the ground and hit them,” said an official.
  Cambodia’s brutal eight-year civil war ended in 1975, but it remains one of the world’s most heavily mined countries. Landmines have killed more than 64,000 people, while 25,000 amputees have been recorded since 1979. The Cambodian government has vowed to clear all landmines and unexploded artillery by 2025.

 柬埔寨東北部桔井省的哥沙曼王后高中最近在校園裡發現了2 千多枚未爆彈,包括1千多枚手榴彈。學校被迫關閉,因應這個緊急狀況。
 柬埔寨長達8年的殘酷內戰已在1975年結束,但仍是全球埋最多地雷的國家之一。根據紀錄,自1979 年以來,地雷已造成6 萬4千多人死亡、2.5萬人被截肢。柬埔寨政府誓言在2025年前,清除所有地雷和未爆彈。