On August 2nd, Greece’s prime minister said the country would offer a week-long free vacation in 2024 for travelers whose trips to Rhodes were canceled or cut short due to the country’s wildfires this summer.
  Fierce fires broke out on Rhodes on July 18th and burned for days, damaging homes and hotels and forcing the largest evacuation the country had ever undertaken. More than 20,000 tourists and locals were forced to flee their seaside hotels and homes.
  Greek authorities said they “understand that it caused some inconvenience for visitors”. The one-week free holiday in Rhodes will be offered to evacuated tourists next spring or next fall.
  The move is hardly surprising given that tourism is the primary economic engine for the country, which in 2018 finally rebounded from its massive debt crisis.
  Rhodes is the 9th largest island of Greece and one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It is known for its beaches and medieval old town.

 上個月18日,希臘羅德島爆發大火,延燒數日,焚毀房舍和旅館,迫使該國進行有史以來最大規模的疏散行動。超過2 萬名遊客和當地人被迫逃離濱海旅館和家園。