The possibility of AI replacing actors and screenwriters has raised concerns in Hollywood. The San Francisco-based startup Fable has recently unveiled an AI tool called AI Showrunner. It can write, produce, direct, cast, edit, voice, and animate an episode of South Park.
  The AI-generated episodes of South Park are an example of the technology’s power. But the timing is interesting, considering both writers and actors are on strike in Hollywood.
  Artificial intelligence technology has become a big issue in Hollywood’s labor fight since May. More than 11,000 actors and writers remain on strike. The strike is aimed at addressing the looming threat of AI. One of their demands is the regulation of AI to safeguard their jobs. They also seek to ensure that AI cannot rewrite original materials to ensure that such technologies do not undermine their compensation and writing credits.

 AI取代演員和編劇的可能性,讓好萊塢從業人員擔憂不已。舊金山新創公司Fable 最近推出了一款名為「AI Showrunner」的人工智慧工具,可包辦動畫《南方四賤客》一整集的編劇、製作、導演、演員、編輯、配音和動畫。
 AI 能生成《南方四賤客》動畫劇集,顯示其潛力驚人。但此新AI工具的發表時間,正逢好萊塢編劇與演員罷工之際,顯得有些尷尬。
 五月開始延燒的好萊塢大罷工,正是以AI科技為關鍵議題。至今,超過11,000 名演員和編劇仍持續罷工中。此次罷工的主要目的是要求業者正視並應對AI迫在眉睫的威脅。他們的訴求之一是要求規範管控AI 在演藝界的運用,以保障他們的工作權。他們也要求禁止AI改寫原創素材,以確保AI生成技術不會損害他們的報酬與著作權。