地球發燒中 全球均溫屢創新高

 If you have been feeling hotter recently, it’s not just you. Global temperatures keep breaking records. Average worldwide temperature on July 4th reached 17.18°C, breaking the record of 17.01°C set just a day earlier. The previous record was 16.92°C set in August 2016.
 Experts aren’t surprised. “Chances are that the month of July will be the warmest ever, and with it the hottest month ever … ‘ever’ meaning since the Eemian, which is indeed some 120,000 years ago,”said an expert.
 It shows the extremity of this summer’s weather in the northern hemisphere and the dangers of rising emissions of CO2 around the world.
 An extreme heat dome has covered the southern US. The UK baked in its hottest June on record. North Africa has experienced temperatures near 50°C. In Saudi Arabia, thousands have been enduring unusually scorching heat as they make the pilgrimage in Mecca.

 如果你最近感覺愈來愈熱,不是只有你覺得如此。近日全球氣溫不斷打破紀錄。 7 月4 日全球平均氣溫達到17.18℃,打破前一天(7 月3 日)創下的17.01℃的紀錄。之前最熱的紀錄是2016 年8 月創下的16.92℃。
專家對此現象並不感到驚訝。一位專家表示:「今年7月很可能成為有史以來最溫暖的7月,以及有史以來最熱的一個月……『有史以來』是指自『伊緬期』以來,也就是大約 12 萬年前。」
一個極端高溫的穹頂覆蓋著美國南部;英國出現了有紀錄以來最熱的6月;北非經歷了將近50°C 的高溫;在沙烏地阿拉伯境內,成千上萬的穆斯林正忍受異常高溫,在麥加朝聖。