削弱補教業 韓砍殺手級試題

  South Korean education authorities have decided to root out so-called “killer questions” from the country’s annual college entrance exam to rein in the private education industry.
  The high-level questions require knowledge at the university level, forcing many exam-takers to enroll in after-school cram schools. Now the education officials want to make the exams slightly easier by cutting these “killer questions.” These questions are worth the most points as they are almost impossible to get right. The average correctanswer rate is 5-10%.
  “We will cut the vicious cycle of killer questions in exams, which leads to excessive competition among students and parents in private education,” said education minister Lee Ju-ho.
  Despite the decline in student population, Koreans spent a record 26 trillion won (NT$61 billion) on private education last year. In fact, nearly eight in 10 students enroll in private tutoring institutions, such as after-school cram schools. This heavy reliance on private education has led to the highest cost of raising a child and the lowest birth rate in the world.

 儘管學生人數下降,南韓去年在補教的支出仍創下新高,高達26 兆韓元(610 億新臺幣)。實際上,將近8 成的南韓學生在課後補習班等私立補教機構補習。對補教的嚴重依賴,導致南韓扶養子女的成本為全世界最高,出生率則是全世界最低。