歐盟數位法 監管網路巨擘

  London and Brussels advanced new rules on April 25th to curb the power of digital companies. The 19 biggest online platforms and search engines, including Facebook, Google, TikTok, Twitter and Amazon, are facing rising pressure from European authorities.
  Starting August 25th, the 19 biggest online platforms and search engines must meet extra obligations for cleaning up illegal content and disinformation and keeping users safe under the EU’s new Digital Services Act.
  At the same time, the UK government unveiled draft legislation that would give regulators more power to protect consumers from online scams and fake reviews and boost digital competition. The EU’s list is limited to those platforms with at least 45 million users in Europe. Violations could result in fines worth up to 6% of a company’s annual global revenue or even a ban on operating in the EU.

 倫敦和布魯塞爾4 月25日提出新法規限制數位公司的權力,包括臉書、谷歌、TikTok、推特和亞馬遜在內的19個最大的網路平臺和搜尋引擎,正面臨來自歐洲當局越來越大的壓力。
 從今年8 月25 日開始,19 個最大的線上平臺和搜尋引擎必須根據歐盟新的「數位服務法」履行額外義務,包括清除非法內容和虛假訊息,以及保護用戶安全。
 歐盟所列名單僅限於在歐洲擁有至少4500萬用戶的網路平臺,違規者可能面臨公司全球年收入6% 的罰款,甚至被禁止在歐盟營運。