女勞動力低 印人口紅利陷危機

  India is expected to surpass China in July as the world's most populous country. Driven by its growth of labor force, the changes to India's population could lead to several years of economic prosperity. However, there is a concern that the gap between male and female employment is too wide.
  According to the latest data, there are only 39 million women employed in the workforce compared to 361 million men. It means only 10% of working-age Indian women were either employed or looking for jobs. Experts worry this could become a demographic liability if India fails to ensure its rising population, especially its women, are employed.
  The main reason for this is related to the traditional concept that men are breadwinners and women should stay at home. Sheela Singh, a 39-year-old former social worker in Mumbai, said she earned more money than her husband, an auto-rickshaw driver. However, her family had asked her to resign and stay at home to take care of their children while no one suggested her husband with unstable income to quit.

 印度預計在7 月超過中國成為世界上人口最多的國家。印度在勞動力增加帶動的人口紅利下,可能出現數年的經濟繁榮。然而,令人擔憂的是,男女就業比例差距過大。