芬蘭第1 臺灣第27

  Finland was dubbed the world’s happiest nation for the sixth consecutive year in the UN World Happiness Report. National happiness is based on GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, freedom, corruption, etc. Finlanders’ communal support and mutual trust were factors that helped the country navigate the pandemic, so it grabbed top spot again. On the other hand, Afghanistan was considered the least happy nation.
  Taiwan was ranked the happiest in East Asia, fourth happiest in Asia, and 27th happiest in the world. War-torn Ukraine still came in at 108th on the list and remained higher than in the aftermath of the 2014 annexation because of a stronger sense of common purpose, benevolence, and trust in Ukrainian leadership.

 聯合國《世界快樂報告》依據人均GDP、預期健康壽命、自由指數和貪腐程度等指標,連續第6 年將芬蘭評選為全球最快樂的國家。芬蘭人的社會互助與互信是他們挺過疫情並再度蟬聯榜首的原因。另一方面,阿富汗則被認為是全球最不快樂的國家。
 臺灣是東亞最快樂的國家,在亞洲排名第4、全球名列第27。飽受戰火之苦的烏克蘭仍獲第108 名,且比2014 年克里米亞遭併吞時高,這是由於他們的共同目標感、樂善好施和對領導人的信任感變得更加強烈。