阿根廷通膨率破百 全球最慘

  Argentina’s yearly inflation rate rose past 100% for the first time since 1991, as the government struggles to control rising prices. On March 14th, the country’s statistical body INDEC said prices rose 102.5% in February compared to a year before, placing its inflation rate among the highest in world.
  In beef-loving Argentina, many families typically hold beef barbecues on weekends. Now they are more likely to eat spaghetti or chicken wings. Argentina’s triple digits inflation was in part due to a punishing drought that has pushed prices of meat and other goods higher.
  The government’s penchant for printing money to finance spending also helps to make inflation worse than elsewhere. That trend accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic while a sharp depreciation of the local currency pushed prices higher.

 阿根廷的通膨年增率超過100%,是1991年來首見,該國政府正努力控制不斷上漲的物價。該國統計機構 INDEC 在3 月14 日表示,2 月物價比去年同期上漲了102.5%,使該國通膨率居世界最高。