全球暖化禍源 在你我餐桌

  A recent study found greenhouse gas emissions from human food production and consumption could add nearly 1 degree Celsius of warming to the Earth’s climate by 2100.
  Food-based greenhouse gas emissions come from three major sources: meat from animals like cows, sheep and goats; dairy; and rice. Those three sources account for at least 19% each of food’s contribution to a warming planet, with meat contributing the most, at 33%.
  Continuing the dietary patterns of today will push the planet past the 1.5-degree-Celsius limit of warming sought under the Paris climate agreement and will approach the agreement’s limit of 2 degrees Celsius.
  It is imperative to change global food production and consumption. Experts have recommended eating less meat. California started a mandatory food waste recycling program in 2021 to reduce the emissions from decaying food.

 最近一項研究發現,人類生產和消費食物的方式所排放的溫室氣體,到2100 年左右,可能讓地球氣候升溫將近攝氏1 度。
 如果持續現今的飲食模式會導致地球暖化,升溫幅度將超過巴黎氣候協定設定的攝氏1.5 度,並接近攝氏2 度的極限。