千廠齊聚賭城 大秀創新科技

  CES 2023 came back in full swing, opening on January 5th in Las Vegas, where some 3,200 tech companies showed off their latest products to address global challenges. Digital health, transportation technology and the metaverse were just a few of the latest technological innovations being showcased.
  New innovations ranging from calming pillows, talking pets, adorable companion robots, vibrating fat-busting belts and etc. were some of the highlights. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your dog could use human words to communicate with you better? Just pressing a few buttons could help your dog talk with you. AI-piloted vehicles were a returning highlight in the event, providing a more enjoyable and less dizzying ride. LG unveiled a 97-inch OLED TV that streams content wirelessly. The box, which still needs to be plugged in, just needs to be within nine meters of the display.

 助眠枕頭、會說話的寵物、可愛的陪伴機器人,乃至振動消脂腰帶等新創產品,只是展場的一些亮點。你有沒有想過,如果你的狗狗能用人類的語言與你溝通更順暢,那會是什麼樣子?未來只需按下幾個按鈕就能幫助你的愛犬和你交談。AI 駕駛的車輛無疑是電子展一再回歸的亮點,讓駕車更有樂趣也不至於昏昏欲睡。家電大廠LG 發布一款九十七吋的OLED 電視,可以無線播放串流內容。電視控制盒仍須插電,須在九公尺的範圍內傳遞畫面。