中客來了 多國提對策防堵

  Chinese people have rushed to book overseas travel after Beijing announced it reopened its borders in January. Chinese travel website “Ctrip” shows that searches for popular outbound destinations, including Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and the U.S., increased 10-fold within a half-hour after the announcement.
  China also stopped requiring inbound travelers to quarantine starting January 8th. In response, U.S. carrier United Airlines; European airlines company Lufthansa Group; and Philippine Airlines said they are looking into resuming additional flight operations to mainland China.
  Worried about the surge of infection cases in China and a likely dangerous new variant, the U.S. announced that all travelers from China are required to show negative coronavirus tests before entering the country. Japan, South Korea and Italy tighten border controls by requiring tests for all visitors from China. And arrivals from China, Hong Kong and Macao are limited to four airports in Japan: Naarita, Haneda, Kansai International and Chubu.