烏克蘭兒童 近2/3逃離家園

  Nearly two-thirds of all Ukrainian children have been forced from their homes since the start of the Russian invasion, according to UNICEF.
  Out of the displaced children, 2.8 million have stayed in Ukraine and two million more are sheltering in other countries. More than three million children are still left in their homes in Ukraine but might not have enough food and some are without access to running water, with those in besieged cities like Mariupol facing the most dire situation.
  Ukraine’s U.N. ambassador, Sergiy Kyslytsya, claimed Russia has taken more than 121,000 children out of Ukraine and reportedly drafted a bill to simplify and accelerate adoption procedures for orphans and even those who have parents and other relatives. In addition, nationwide school closings are affecting the education of 5.7 million younger children and 1.5 million students in higher education.