北京帕運 雙俄選手禁參賽

  The U.N. General Assembly voted at an emergency session on March 2nd to demand an immediate halt to Moscow’s attack on Ukraine and the withdrawal of all Russian troops. The vote on the “Aggression against Ukraine” resolution was 141-5, with 35 abstentions. Only Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea joined Russia in opposing the measure.
 Russia's invasion has set off an exodus of over 1.5 million refugees, more than 3% of Ukraine’s population being forced out of the country in 10 days.
 On the eve of the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing, officials reversed course and denied athletes from Russia and Belarus access to the Games. The organizers of the annual Eurovision Song Contest have also decided to exclude Russia from this year's edition in Italy, amid developments in Ukraine, saying Russia's inclusion could bring the competition into disrepute.