港版國安法生效即開鍘 數千人抗議 逾三百人被捕

 China’s parliament passed a national security law for Hong Kong on June 30th. The new measure went into effect immediately, prompting pro-independence activists to delete social media posts.
 In response, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said the US will bar the export of weapons and sensitive technology to Hong Kong as the Asian financial hub is no longer autonomous from mainland China. The commerce secretary said the territory’s special trade status will be revoked.
 Hong Kong was handed over from the UK to China in 1997. Since then, it has been governed under a “one country, two systems” framework that is scheduled to expire in 2047. This legislation is believed to undermine the autonomy promised to Hong Kong. Britain, the European Union, Japan and others have expressed serious concerns over the legislation. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said up to three million Hong Kong residents are to be offered the chance to settle in the UK and ultimately apply for citizenship.
 On July 1st, the anniversary of return to China’s rule, thousands defied the ban on protests. Police officers arrested more than 300 people, their first arrests under the new law. Ten were held for violating the security law.

 中國全國人民代表大會六月三十日通過了香港 版國家安全法。新措施隨即生效後,主張港獨的 活躍人士紛紛刪除在社群網站的貼文。對此,美國國務卿蓬佩奧表示,由於香港這個亞洲金融中 心不再享有有別於中國大陸的港人治港的自治地位,美國將禁止對港出口武器及敏感技術。商務部長也表示,香港的特殊貿易地位將被撤銷。