美警暴力燃怒火 反種族歧視延燒全球

 On May 25th, police arrested a black man named George Floyd in Minnesota, USA. One police officer pressed his knee onto Floyd’s neck until Floyd died. A video of this induced protests of anti-racial discrimination.
 Protests quickly spread to cities in nearly 50 states and Washington, D.C. Many became violent as angry people burned buildings and attacked officers. The outrage soon went global as well. Clashes broke out between police and protesters in Paris on June 2nd after around 20,000 people rallied over the 2016 death of a black man in police custody. Demonstrations were also reported in the UK, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, and Sweden, condemning police brutality and racial discrimination.
 Some technology giants have given their public support for the protests. Netflix, a service that streams movies and television on the Internet, tweeted, “To be silent is to be complicit.” Popular retail brands Nike and Adidas, as well as Twitter lent support to #BlackLivesMatter, taking a strong stand against racism after George Floyd’s death.