徒手攀牆救男童 馬利青年獲法公民權

 An undocumented immigrant from Mali, a country in western Africa, climbed a 5-story apartment building in Paris to save a 4-year-old boy dangling from a balcony. Mamoudou Gassama, 22, was granted French citizenship and a job as a firefighter.
 Gassama climbed up from balcony to balcony until he reached the boy hanging from a balcony and pulled him up to safety. A crowd below screamed. His actions went viral on social media, where he was dubbed "Spiderman."
 President Macron later met the young hero at the Elysée Palace, where he received a gold medal for "courage and devotion." Meanwhile French lawmakers are debating a controversial bill that would speed up the deportation of economic migrants and failed asylum-seekers. "Because this is an exceptional act ... we are obviously, today, going to regularize all your papers," said Macron.

 一名來自西非國家馬利、無身分證明的非法移 民攀爬巴黎一棟5 層樓公寓,救回懸吊在陽臺外 的4 歲男童。22 歲的賈薩瑪因此獲得法國公民身 分,以及消防員的工作。
 賈薩瑪沿著各樓層陽臺一樓一樓爬上去,然後 一把拉住懸吊在陽臺外的小男孩,讓他安全脫險 。樓下群眾歡呼叫好,而他的義舉也在社群媒體 上瘋傳,並被暱稱為「蜘蛛人」。
 法國總統馬克宏稍後在愛麗舍宮接見了這名年 輕英雄,並頒給他金牌獎章,表揚他的「英勇與 奉獻之舉」。賈薩瑪英勇救人之際,法國國會也 對一個爭議性法案展開辯論,如果過關,將加速 遣返經濟移民及申請庇護失敗的移民。馬克宏說 :「由於你的義舉非凡……我們今天理應讓你所 有的文件都合法。」