馬來西亞首度變天 92歲馬哈迪重當總理

 Malaysia's 92-year-old former leader Mahathir Mohamad made a stunning return. His opposition alliance won a fiercely contested general election on May 9, ending the 60-year rule of the Malay-dominated National Front.
 Official results show the opposition parties, which banded together as the Alliance of Hope, surpassed the 112 seats needed for a majority in parliament. Mahathir in a televised address said a representative of Malaysia's constitutional monarchy had contacted the opposition to acknowledge its victory. The prime minister was sworn in on May 10, making Mahathir the world's oldest elected leader.
 Najib Razak, Mahathir's former protégé, conceded defeat. The public is angry over his government's corruption and the imposition of an unpopular sales tax. Mahathir was credited with modernizing Malaysia during his 22 year rule that ended in 2003 but was also criticized for suppressing opponents and subjugating the courts.

 馬來西亞92 歲前總理馬哈迪出 人意料的反攻成功。他領導的在野 聯盟在5 月9 日競爭激烈的國會大選中勝出,終結了「國民陣線」( 主要由馬來人當家)60 年的統治。
 根據官方的開票結果,多個在野 政黨合組的「希望聯盟」拿下超過 112 席,跨過國會過半多數。馬哈 迪發表電視演說,表示憲法認定的 最高元首(國王)已派代表接觸希 望聯盟,承認他們的勝選。馬哈迪 在5 月10 日宣誓就任總理,他也 成為全球年紀最長的民選領導人。
 一手被馬哈迪提拔的「前門徒」 納吉坦承敗選。民眾不滿納吉政府 捲入貪瀆,也反對政府推出不受歡 迎的消費稅。2003 年下臺的馬哈迪 ,在位22 年期間推動馬國現代化 有成,不過也因為鎮壓政敵及矮化 司法而備受抨擊。