德國男孩挖到寶 丹麥千年寶藏出土

 A 13-year-old boy, Luca Malaschnitschenko, in Germany has discovered a thousand-year-old hoard of coins and jewelry. The treasure found on the eastern German island of Ruegen in the Baltic Sea is believed linked to Danish King Harald Gormsson.
 Luca Malaschnitschenko used a metal detector and found a piece of what seemed to be trash in January. Well, it was actually an ancient silver coin. Following the important discovery, the state archaeology office became involved. With Luca's assistance, the experts uncovered around 600 coins at the site along with some jewelry, including brooches, pearls, and necklaces. "It's the biggest trove of such coins in the southeastern Baltic region," said the office.
 The silver coins are probably from the reign of Harald Gormsson, better known as "Harald Bluetooth," who lived in the 10th century and introduced Christianity to Denmark. He was one of the last Viking kings of what is now Denmark, northern Germany, southern Sweden and parts of Norway.

 德國一名13歲男孩魯卡.馬拉斯基森科發現了有1000 年 歷史的銀幣與珠寶;這批寶物被發現於德國東部波羅的海 的呂根島,據信屬於丹麥國王哈拉德一世的寶藏。
 魯卡.馬拉斯基森科在今年1 月用金屬探測器尋寶 ,他發現了一枚原以為是垃圾的金屬片,後來被證實 是一枚古銀幣。當地考古局知道這個重大發現後,也 加入挖掘工作。在魯卡協助下,考古隊發現了約600 枚銀幣及一些珠寶,包括胸針、珍珠、項鍊等。考古 局表示:「這是波羅的海東南區歷來挖到的最大一批 古幣。」
 這批古幣可能來自10世紀綽號「藍牙」的丹麥國王 哈拉德。他率先將基督教引進丹麥,是最後的維京國 王之一,旗下版圖包括當今的丹麥、德國北部、瑞典 南部與一部分的挪威。