祖克柏赴國會作證 坦承自己個資也外洩

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in Congress on April 10 and 11. U.S. lawmakers have demanded that the leading social network take more steps to protect the privacy of its users.
 The 33-year-old founder faced questions mostly about the company's privacy policies. He admitted the company made mistakes that led to private data of users being shared with British research company Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg said that his own private data was also taken by the company.
 Zuckerberg took full responsibility for the incident. He disclosed that his company was working with special counsel Robert Mueller in the federal probe of Russian election interference and said it was working hard to change its own operations to make sure Facebook is used in good and healthy ways.
 Social media companies have been criticized for secretly selling user data to make money. They have also been blamed for not taking enough action to prevent the spread of false news.

 臉書執行長祖克柏在4 月10 日和11 日赴國會 作證。美國國會議員要求這個社群媒體巨擘必須 採取更多作為,保護用戶的隱私。
 33歲的臉書創辦人祖克柏面臨議員質詢,問題 多半圍繞在臉書的隱私政策打轉。祖克柏坦承臉 書有錯,導致用戶個資被英國研究公司「劍橋分 析」所用。他也透露,連他自己的個資也被該公 司利用。
 祖克柏為這起個資外洩事件負起全責。他透露 臉書正與特別檢察官穆勒合作,調查俄國干預美 國選舉的「通俄門」案;他也表示臉書努力改變 營運方式,確保臉書「正確而健全」的被使用。
 社群媒體近來飽受抨擊,被控祕密出售用戶個 資獲利,也被控未採取充分行動阻止假新聞。