美數十萬青少年上街 促終結槍枝暴力

 Hundreds of thousands of teenagers across the U.S. came together on March 24 to demand an end of gun violence following the Parkland shooting. They took part in student-led "March for Our Lives" protests, one of the largest ever in Washington, D.C. They vowed to transform fear and grief into a "vote-them-out" movement.
 Among the survivors to speak was 18-year-old Emma Gonzalez, one of the leaders of the studentled gun control movement. She closed her eyes and cried as she stood silently on the stage for the same amount of time it took the Parkland shooter to kill 17 students. She ended her speech by urging supporters to take a strong stand to prevent future violence.
 "We, as students, as youths, decided that if adults weren't going to take action, we would. No gun-related legislation has been passed in this country since 2008 – 10 years ago," said another Parkland survivor.
 The White House has praised these courageous young Americans, but President Trump said nothing for this.

 美國佛羅里達州帕克蘭中學槍擊案發生一個多 月之後,全美數十萬青少年在3 月24日走上街頭 ,要求終結槍枝暴力。他們參加由學生籌辦的「 為生命而走」抗議活動,這也是華府歷來規模最 大的抗議集會之一。這些學生誓言要化悲憤為力 量,發動「用選票趕走他們」運動。
 18歲的岡薩雷茲上臺演講,她是槍擊案的倖存 者之一,也是發起這次管制槍枝運動的學生領袖 之一。她在臺上緊閉雙眼,流著淚,靜默了幾分 鐘,和帕克蘭凶嫌開槍擊斃17名學生所花的時間 一樣。她最後呼籲支持者拿出堅定立場,避免未 來發生更多槍擊案。
 另一名帕克蘭的倖存者說:「身為學生、身為 青少年,我們決定,如果大人不採取行動,那就 由我們來。從2008 年以來,這10 年沒有一個和 槍枝相關的法案過關。」
 白宮讚揚這些勇敢的年輕人,但總統川普卻未 發表任何評論。