普丁四任俄總統 執政到2024年

 Russia President Putin has been elected to a fourth term and will serve another six years until 2024. He got 76 percent of the vote, his biggest ever victory. The second-place candidate, Pavel Grudinin, received only 12 percent of the vote. Widespread violations were reported, including ballot-box stuffing and forced voting.
 Some voters said they supported Putin because he had restored Russian strength, transforming the country from being a regional power to a global one.
 His overwhelming win came as the British government accused Russia of poisoning a former Russian spy living in Britain. The tension between the two nations would have been timed to create a confrontation with the West and boost a patriotic turnout for Putin. Also, first-time voters in Moscow were given free tickets for pop concerts and health authorities were offering free cancer screenings.
 After his victory, Putin said he wanted to direct his attention to raising the quality of life of average citizens and investing more in education, healthcare and public services.

 俄國總統普丁不出所料贏得第四任任期,將再 執政6 年,直到2024 年。他的得票率達76%,刷 新他自己過去的紀錄。排名第二的候選人格魯季 寧只拿到12% 選票。不過,舞弊的傳聞非常多, 包括作票、強迫選民投票等。
 一些選民表示,支持普丁是因為他恢復了俄國 國力,將俄國從區域強權轉為國際強權。
 普丁取得壓倒性勝利,英國助選有功。英國政 府指控俄國毒害了移居英國的前俄國情報員。兩 國關係趨緊的時機正好在選前,可能是為了製造 與西方的衝突,刺激愛國選民出來投票支持普丁 。此外,第一次投票的莫斯科選民可以獲贈流行 樂演唱會門票,衛生當局也提供免費癌症篩檢。
 普丁在選後表示,他會把施政重心放在改善一 般民眾的生活水平,提高教育、醫療與公共服務 的預算。