全球童婚率大降 印度減至27%

 Fewer children are getting married. A UNICEF report shows the number of girls under 18 getting married in India has been cut almost in half the past decade. From 2006-2016, there were 25 million fewer child marriages. This happened because of more educational opportunities for young girls, more government investments in adolescent girls and strong advocacy about the illegality of child marriage.
 The highest number of child marriages in South Asia happen in India. In the current trend, 27 percent of girls, or nearly 1.5 million girls, get married before they turn 18. This is a sharp decline from 47 percent a decade ago. Such marriages increase the risk of abuse and perpetual poverty.
 About 12 million girls a year are married globally. Because there has been progress in India, we can now look at child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa. The world has promised to stop this terrible practice by 2030, so we have a lot of work to do.

 全球童婚率逐漸在下降。根據聯合國兒童基金 會的報告,印度18 歲以下女孩結婚人數在過去 10 年下滑了近一半。2006 年到2016 年期間,全 球減少了2,500萬個女童結婚的例子。主要原因包 括女孩擁有更多的教育機會,政府願意對青少女 投資,以及社會強烈支持童婚屬於非法行為。
 印度是南亞地區童婚人數最多的國家,目前該 國有27% 女童(約150 萬人)在18 歲之前結婚 ,遠低於10 年前的47%。童婚會增加受虐與終 生貧窮的風險。
 全球每年約有1,200 萬女童結婚。印度的童婚 現象已經有所改善,接著我們可以關注非洲撒哈 拉沙漠以南地區的童婚問題。世界各國承諾在 2030 年前終結這種可怕的習俗,因此我們必須 拿出更多作為。