平昌冬奧閉幕 挪威奪39獎牌 破歷屆紀錄

 The overtly political 2018 Winter Olympics closed on February 25. Did the Olympics help resolve the North Korean nuclear standoff ? Well, sort of. The delegation from the North met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and expressed a willingness to meet with the United States. Some from the South even suggested that the 2021 Asian Games could be co-hosted by both Koreas.
 North Korea drew a lot of attention, sending athletes, a cheering squad and a high-level delegation. US Vice President Mike Pence and first daughter Ivanka Trump did not speak with North Korean representatives at the Games, but Kim Jong Un and President Trump haven't traded insults lately either. All of this has shown that Moon Jae-in's effort to use the Olympics as a peace gesture is working.
 After 19 days of competition, Norway came out on top with a total of 39 medals, breaking the record set by the US at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Germany came in second with 31 medals, and Canada finished in third with 29. The US finished fourth with 23 total medals.

 充滿政治味的2018 冬季奧運在 2 月25 日閉幕。這次冬奧是否有助 於解決北韓的核武僵局?嗯,多多 少少吧。北韓的代表團和南韓總統 文在寅會面後,表達了願意與美國 會談的立場;而一些南韓人甚至主 張,2021年亞運可以由兩韓合力主 辦。
 北韓這次是冬奧的焦點,他們派 了選手、啦啦隊和高階官員代表團 參與。在開幕式與閉幕式時,美國 副總統彭斯和第一千金伊凡卡.川 普沒有和北韓代表交談,但是北韓 領導人金正恩與美國總統川普也沒 有惡言相向。這顯示文在寅想藉這 次冬奧為和平鋪路的努力,確實發 揮效用。
 經過19 天賽程,挪威以39 面獎 牌成為最大贏家,也打破美國2010 年在溫哥華冬奧寫下的紀錄。德國 以31面獎牌排名第二,加拿大獲得 29面獎牌排名第三。美國則排名第 四,共拿下23 面獎牌。