搶店員工作 日機器人咖啡館開張

 Japan has a new café (say ca-fay) where customers can enjoy coffee brewed and served by a robot barista. The robot named Sawyer debuted two weeks ago at Henna Café in Shibuya. That's a business and shopping district in downtown Tokyo.
 Sawyer is a single-armed robot, with a screen showing a pair of cartoon eyes. "Would you care for a delicious coffee?" the barista asks customers in a flat tone. "I can make one better than human beings around here."
 Sawyer scans a ticket purchased from a vending machine and greets the customer. It grinds the coffee beans, fills a filter and pours hot water over a paper cup for up to five people at once. A cup of brewed coffee costs 320 yen (NTD 86) and takes a few minutes. It can also operate an automated machine for six other hot drinks including cappuccino, hot chocolate and green tea latte (say la-tay).
 The café operator, travel agency H.I.S. Co., says robots can increase productivity while also entertaining customers. Only one person needs to oversee the robot café, compared to several people needed at a regular coffee shop, so it can serve better quality coffee at a reasonable price.

 日本新開了一家咖啡館,顧客可在店 內享用機器人沖泡的咖啡和服務。這家 咖啡館「Henna Café」位於東京市中心 的商業和購物區澀谷,咖啡師沙爾兩週前就在這裡登場。
 沙爾只有一隻手臂和一個螢幕,螢幕 上有一對卡通眼睛。這名咖啡師會以平 穩的聲音詢問顧客:「想要來杯美味的 咖啡嗎?我泡的咖啡比周圍這些人類泡 得更好喝呵!」
 沙爾會先掃描顧客從販賣機購買的餐 券,然後招呼客人。接著它開始研磨咖 啡豆,將咖啡粉倒入濾紙,注入熱水到 紙杯裡,它最多能同時服務5 名顧客。 一杯咖啡的價格約為320 日圓(約新臺 幣86 元),而且顧客只需等幾分鐘。 沙爾也能操作自動咖啡機,提供卡布奇諾、熱巧克力和抹茶拿鐵等6 種熱飲。
 咖啡館的經營者旅行社H.I.S. 公司表 示,機器人能提高生產力,還能讓顧客 開心。機器人咖啡館只需一個員工看顧 ,而一般咖啡館則需要好幾個人力,因 此可用合理價格提供品質更好的咖啡。