全球首家 免排隊結帳 亞馬遜無人商店開張

 After more than a year of testing, Amazon's cashier-free convenience store Amazon Go opened on January 22 in Seattle. If anyone wants to shop at the world's first check-out free store, all you need is an Amazon account, a smartphone and the Amazon Go app. The store allows shoppers to pick out the items they want and leave without ever dealing with a checkout line.
 By combining AI technology and sensors, Amazon Go can tell what people have picked up and charges their Amazon account. If someone puts an item back, they aren't charged.
 The store still has workers. They make food, stock shelves and help customers. At about 167 square meters, the store will also sell 美課太陽能重稅 ready-to-eat breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Items from the Whole Foods 365 brand are also stocked, such as cookies, popcorn and dried fruit.

 經過一年多的測試,亞馬遜無人 便利商店「Amazon Go」1 月22 日 在美國西雅圖正式對外營運。如果 你想在這個全球第一家無結帳櫃檯 超商購物,只需要開一個亞馬遜帳 戶、攜帶智慧型手機、安裝Amazon Go應用程式就行了。在這裡,顧客 選了想要的東西後就可離開,無須 排隊結帳。
 Amazon Go 結合了人工智慧科技 與感應器,可以知道顧客挑選了什 麼,然後從顧客的帳戶裡扣款。如 果顧客拿了東西後又放回去,店家 也不會向顧客收費。
 不過,Amazon Go 還是有工作人 員,他們會在店裡烹煮食物、將貨 物上架、協助顧客等。這家店占地 約167 平方公尺,同時也賣即食早 餐、午餐與晚餐。另外,店裡也販 售有機連鎖店Whole Foods 代理的 365 種品牌食品,像是餅乾、爆米 花、乾果等。