平昌冬奧 兩韓首度組聯隊參賽

 For the first time ever, North and South Korea have agreed to make one Olympics team. They will march together using a "unification flag" at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Games next month. A joint women's hockey team requires IOC approval. If it happens, it would be a major step forward in their sports diplomacy.
 The Olympic team could have the same number of players from each Korea. But that would mean removing some South Korean athletes. Instead, South Korea wants to add some North Korean players to the Olympic hockey team roster.
 South Korea isn't pushing for a joint Korean team in other sports events. South Korean media speculate up to about 10 North Korean athletes could come to Pyeongchang if the IOC gives additional quota to the two figure skaters and six to eight other female hockey players.
 The South Korean government, led by liberal President Moon Jae-in, wants to use the Olympics as a chance to improve its long-strained ties with North Korea and help ease the nuclear standoff.

 南北韓兩國已經同意共組史上第一支奧運聯隊 ,也同意在下月登場的2018冬奧開幕式上共持「 統一旗」進場。這支女子冰上曲棍球聯隊還須國 際奧委會同意,如果此事成真,兩韓的體育外交 將往前踏出重要一步。
 奧運聯隊可能是兩韓各派一半的球員,但這樣 一來,南韓勢必要犧牲一些原本可參賽的國手。 因此,南韓希望增加女子曲棍球聯隊的人數,以 容納北韓的球員。
 除了女子冰上曲棍球,南韓並未要求在其他比 賽項目也合組聯隊。南韓媒體推測,多達10名的 北韓國手可能在平昌冬奧露臉,條件是國際奧委 會同意增加配額;這些選手包括2 名花式滑冰選 手,以及6 到8 名女子曲棍球選手。
 南韓政府目前由自由派總統文在寅主政,他們 希望藉由這次冬奧改善與北韓之間的長期緊張關 係,同時化解核武僵局。