對抗身材歧視 巴黎掀反恐肥運動

 Paris, the capital of France, is an imageconscious city known for luxury fashion brands and tiny waists. The French dislike being overweight so much that it affects the way they treat each other. Paris wants to fight this discrimination called sizeism.
 Helen Bidard is the Paris anti-discrimination chief. She took action after noticing that there are real victims of this discrimination and that this discrimination goes unpunished."We see fat people as ugly and even stupid, lacking hygiene and in bad health," she said.
 To raise awareness about discrimination, Paris unveiled its "Fatphobia, stop! Taking action together" campaign with a plus-size fashion show. Fifty thousand booklets with legal advice and helpline numbers will be handed out at sports centers, night clubs, swimming pools and restaurants.
 In 2011, a law was passed to prohibit job discrimination based on physical appearance, but employers often get around it by first looking at applications with photos.

 法國首都巴黎一向注重形象,這座城市 以奢華品牌服飾和婀娜身材聞名。法國人 對過重者相當反感,這也影響到他們彼此 之間的對待方式。而今,巴黎決定發起行 動,對抗身材歧視。
 這波反歧視運動由畢達荷率先發起,她 發現有許多人因為肥胖歧視受害,卻沒有 人受到處罰,她因此採取行動。她說:「 我們覺得胖子醜,甚至笨,以及不衛生又 不健康。」
 為了讓大家重視身材歧視的問題,巴黎 推出「停止恐肥!一起行動」運動,並舉 辦大尺碼服裝秀。他們印了五萬份傳單, 上頭明列法律建議和服務熱線電話,在運 動中心、夜店、游泳池、餐館等地發放。
 雖然法國在 2011 年立法禁止工作職場 有歧視外貌的行為,但雇主依舊會先考慮 附有求職者照片的履歷。