大聯盟搶人戰落幕 大谷翔平加盟天使

 The Japanese pitcher-hitter star Shohei Ohtani has announced he will sign with the Los Angeles Angels. This is after he turned down interest from every other big-league club to join two-time MVP Mike Trout and slugger Albert Pujols with the Angels.
 The 2016 Japanese MVP "felt a true bond with the Angels. He sees this as the best environment to develop and reach the next level and attain his career goals."
 Ohtani is expected to be both a righthanded starting pitcher and a left-handed designated hitter for the Angels, who are expected to give him ample playing time in both roles.
 Many comparisons have already been made between Ohtani and Babe Ruth, who excelled as a hitter and pitcher early in his career. Many baseball observers have assumed 23-year-old Ohtani would choose a higher-profile franchise such as the Yankees or Dodgers, who would have both welcomed him into their rotation and lineup.
 Ohtani was 3-2 with a 3.20 ERA this year. He was slowed down by thigh and ankle injuries. He hit .332 in 65 games with eight homers and 31 RBIs last season.

 日本投打「二刀流」球星大谷翔平宣 布加入洛杉磯「天使隊」。他拒絕大聯 盟其他球隊,選擇和兩度當選最有價值 球員的楚奧特及強打普荷斯成為同門。
 大谷是2016 年日職的MVP,他「覺 得和天使隊最為契合,認為這裡是最佳 環境,有助於他更上一層樓,達到職涯 目標。」
 一般預期,大谷將在天使隊擔任右投 的先發投手及左打的指定打擊,而天使 隊應該會讓他有充裕的上場時間發揮 這兩種角色。
 外界常把大谷和大聯盟的貝比.魯斯 相提並論,後者在加入職棒初期也是傑 出的投打雙星。許多棒球球評原以為23 歲的大谷會選擇洋基、道奇等更出名的 球隊,畢竟這兩支球隊也樂於將他納入 先發投手與打擊陣容。
 大谷今年的戰績3勝2敗,防禦率3.2 ,這是因為他的大腿與腳踝受傷。打擊 方面,他在上個球季65 場比賽的打擊 率為0.332,其中有8 支全壘打,共有 31 分打點。