阿貢火山最高警戒 峇里島10萬人撤離

 The international airport in Bali, Indonesia was closed for a third day on November 29 after Mount Agung sent ash 7,600 meters into the sky.
 The alert status of the volcano has been upgraded from level three to level four (the highest possible level). Local authorities ordered the evacuation of almost 100,000 people within the 10-kilometer area around it. It's unclear how bad the current eruption might get or how long it could last.
 On November 28, about 60,000 passengers were still stranded on the island. Over 440 flights have been canceled. "It's nature and we have to wait until it's over," said a stranded German traveler, who planned to enjoy another day on the island. Bali attracts about 5 million visitors a year to its famous resorts and world-class surf spots.
 Experts said a larger, explosive eruption is possible. It's also possible that Agung could stay at its current level of activity for weeks. Mount Agung last erupted in 1963, killing around 1,600 people.

 印尼峇里島的阿貢火山噴出的火 山灰高達7,600 公尺,導致島上的國 際機場關閉,截至11月29日止,已 連續關閉3 天。
 阿貢火山的警戒等級已由第三級 升高到最高的第四級,當地政府也 下令火山方圓10 公里近10 萬居民 撤離。目前還不清楚噴發的情況會 多嚴重,以及會持續多久。
 11 月28 日那天,約有6 萬名旅 客滯留機場,超過440 個航班停 飛。一位受困的德國遊客說:「這 是天災,我們只能等待,直到事情 落幕。」他打算善用在峇里島多出 來的一天。峇里島擁有知名的度假 村及世界級的衝浪地點,每年吸引 500 萬遊客。
 專家表示,阿貢火山可能出現更 劇烈的噴發,也可能維持現況好幾 週。阿貢火山上一次噴發是在1963 年,當時造成約1,600 人罹難。