全球最老元首 辛巴威總統下臺 民眾上街歡慶

 Zimbabwe's 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe finally resigned on November 21, ending 37 years of rule and causing great celebrations.
 There has been enormous pressure on Mugabe. The military put him under house arrest. Also, lawmakers from both the ruling party and opposition started the process to impeach him. Last, the population protested that 37 years in power was enough.
 "Welcome to the new Zimbabwe!" people chanted outside the conference center where the lawmakers had met. "This is the best day of my life," one man declared. Zimbabweans seemed almost universally united in their wish to see an end to the Mugabe era. Meanwhile, they still need to begin the hard work of building institutions and preparing for what they hope are free and fair elections scheduled for next year.
 Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was recently removed from office, was to take over as the country's leader within 48 hours.

 辛巴威93歲總統穆加比終於在11月21 日辭職 下臺,結束37年統治,消息傳出,全國盛大慶祝。
 穆加比面臨各方的強大壓力,包括:軍方將他 軟禁在家中;朝野國會議員展開彈劾他的程序; 加上民眾也堅決表明,他執政37 年已經夠了。
 民眾在國會大樓外高喊口號「歡迎來到全新的 辛巴威」,其中有人高呼:「這是我這輩子最開 心的一天。」儘管辛巴威人幾乎心意一致,希望 穆加比的時代落幕;然而,他們同時也需要展開 艱困的工作,像是建立制度、籌辦預計在明年舉 行的自由公平選舉等。
 不久前被免職的副總統姆南加瓦,則在48小時 內接掌總統職務。