義大利失足 60年來首度無緣世界盃

 For the first time in six decades, four-time champion Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup. Meanwhile, Sweden advanced for the first time since 2006.
 After losing to Sweden in the first leg of playoff in Stockholm, Italy drew 0-0 against Sweden in Milan on November 15. As a result, Sweden advanced to the 2018 World Cup in Russia with a 1-0 aggregate win.
 The Sweden players ran over to celebrate with the traveling fans while the Italians looked on in shock and disbelief or put their head in their hands as though it were too painful to watch.
 Italy, one of the most successful soccer countries, is tied with Germany for the second-most World Cup titles. They are both behind Brazil which has five. Italy joins the United States and Chile as notable nations which failed to qualify.

 曾贏得四屆世界盃冠軍的義大利 隊在世界盃資格賽慘遭淘汰,這是 義大利60 年來首度無緣世足會內 賽,而瑞典則是自2006 年來第一 次挺進世足會內賽。
 義大利隊作客斯德哥爾摩時,在 第一回合的附加賽輸給瑞典;11 月 15日回到米蘭主場,被瑞典以0:0 逼和。最後,瑞典以1:0 的總比 分打敗義大利,順利挺進2018 年 在俄羅斯舉辦的世界盃。
 瑞典球員喜不自勝的和前來米蘭 加油的球迷一起慶祝,而義大利球 迷則是一臉不可置信,甚至以雙手 掩臉,心痛到不忍卒睹。
 義大利的足球戰績在全球數一數 二,在世界盃的奪冠次數與德國並 列第二,義、德曾4 次奪冠,僅次 於奪冠5 次的巴西。除了義大利, 美國、智利也是慘遭淘汰的知名球 隊,無緣明年的世界盃。