西班牙接管加泰區 獨派領袖逃往比利時

 Spain's Attorney General filed charges of rebellion against Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont on October 30. The crime carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. President Puigdemont fled to Brussels, Belgium for "freedom and safety." Spain has taken control over Catalonia. Catalonia's civil servants have returned to work.
 An early regional election on December 21 is coming up, when both separatists and unionists will present candidates, but before that there will probably be a lot of political uncertainty in the country.
 After Catalonia's regional parliament proclaimed independence from Spain on October 27, the Spanish government fired the government and regional police chief, dissolved the legislature and called the early election.

 10月30日,西班牙檢察總長以叛 國罪對加泰隆尼亞獨派領袖普伊格 蒙特提出告訴,若罪名成立,最高 可判處30年徒刑。加泰自治政府主 席普伊格蒙特逃往比利時布魯塞爾 ,以尋求「自由和安全」。西班牙 中央政府已經接管加泰自治區,而加泰的公務員也返回工作崗位。
 加泰將在12月21日舉行地方議會 選舉,獨派和統派都會推出候選人 ,但是在選舉結果出爐前,這個國 家可能還會有許多政治不確定性。
 加泰自治區議會在10 月27 日宣 布脫離西班牙獨立,但自治政府官 員與當地警長隨即被馬德里政府解 職,議會也被解散,將提早舉行選 舉,重新選出議員。