中共19大閉幕 習近平思想列黨章 新常委未見接班人

 The congress of the Chinese Communist Party has ended. On October 25, President Xi Jinping revealed a new generation of leaders. The seven members of China's most powerful body – the Politburo Standing Committee – will rule alongside him as Xi starts a second five-year term. Five of the members were newly appointed. The only other returning members are Xi and Premier Li Keqiang. However, there is no successor to Mr. Xi in the lineup. That means Xi could extend his rule as party leader beyond his second term.
 The party has raised Xi's status by inserting his name and dogma into the party's constitution just like past leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. That means Xi is the most powerful man to head the country in decades.
 Xi has made his wide-ranging anticorruption campaign the hallmark of his first five years in office. The new leaders in his second term will face challenges that include reducing huge levels of debt seen as the biggest threat to economic stability and managing trade tensions with Washington and Europe. They will also have to tackle North Korea's nuclear program, manage the relationship with the U.S. and navigate delicate ties with Southeast Asian nations.

 中國19 大閉幕後,國家主席習 近平在10 月25 日公布新一代領導 人名單。最高權力機構「政治局常 委」共有7 人,將在習近平第二個 5 年任期和他一起領導中國。在這 7 人中,只有習近平和總理李克強 連任,其餘5人都是新晉。但名單中 沒有習近平的接班人,這意味習在 第二任期結束後,可能會再續任。
 中國共產黨已經把習近平的名字 和思想納入黨章,地位等同前領導 人毛澤東與鄧小平。換言之,習近 平已經成為數十年來中國最有權力 的領導人。
 大力肅貪是習近平在第一個任期 的註冊商標。在第二任期,新一代 領導人將面臨諸多挑戰,包括減少 巨大的債務,這被視為影響經濟穩 定,以及處理和美歐緊張貿易關係 的最大威脅。此外,他們也必須處 理北韓的核武發展計畫,經營和美 國之間的關係,以及處理和東南亞 國家的微妙關係。