唯一合格候選人 新加坡誕生首位女總統

 City-state Singapore now has its first female president. On September 14, Halimah Yacob took office as the eighth president of Singapore. She was the speaker of parliament.
 The election was limited to members of the minority Malay community. There were four other applicants, but two were not Malay. The other two didn't qualify because of Singapore's strict rules, for example you must have held key public positions before, or you must run a company worth at least S$500 million (NTD $11 billion). Halimah, on the other hand, automatically qualified because she held a senior public post for over three years.
 The 6-year presidency is mostly a ceremonial position. Singapore's Constitution allows the president to veto the use of the country's reserves and some public appointments, but doesn't give the post any executive authority.
 The city-state has a population of 5.6 million. It is 74.3 percent Chinese, 13.4 percent Malay, 9.1 percent Indian and 3.2 percent others.

 城市國家新加坡誕生了第一位女 性總統。哈莉瑪在9 月14 日宣誓 就職為新加坡第8 位總統,她原本 是國會議長。
 這次選舉只限馬來裔參選。其 他四位候選人,其中兩人不是馬來 裔,另外兩人不符合新加坡嚴苛的 競選條件,例如候選人必須擔任過 重要公職,如果是經營公司,公司 股本至少要達5 億新幣(約新臺幣 110 億元)。哈莉瑪因為有超過3 年的高階公職資歷,自動成為唯一 合格的候選人。
 總統主要是虛位元首,任期6 年 。根據新加坡憲法,總統對於國家 儲備金的使用及公職任命有否決權 ,但並未授權總統任何行政權。
 新加坡人口約有560 萬人,其中 74.3% 是華人,馬來裔占13.4%,印 度裔有9.1%,其他族群占3.2%。