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Mandarin Weekly

This award winning weekly periodical is designed for lower-grade elementary school pupils and kindergarten kids. It aims at the parent-child relationship and their education. Integrating the knowledge and the care of national pedagogues, the Mandarin Weekly presents literally and artistically humanities and knowledge, covering areas of language, literature, science, music, art, society, exploration, and other related areas. It reinforces the connections among the different learning areas and the 9-year compulsory educational system in the hope of providing young kids with an overall, well round as well as enlightened educational experience.

The Mandarin Weekly attaches particular importance to the quality of its presentation and printing, its layout and the aesthetics of the words and illustrations. In addition, it designed a section about nursing to help parents grow and learn together with their kids. We expect that our kids recognize, grow, explore and learn through this rich and pleasant reading experience.

Mandarin Weekly was established in 1995, and it comprises 16 pages.
Readership: children between the ages of 5 to 8 years old.

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