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MDN currently publishes one daily newspaper, one weekly periodical and one monthly magazine:

Mandarin Daily News

Mandarin Daily News was founded in 1948. It is a daily publication comprising 16 pages. Four pages are dedicated to news and 12 pages are dedicated to literary affairs.
Readership: children and juveniles between the ages of 8 to 15, teachers and parents.
Contents: News, language, juvenile literature and education.

News: includes domestic and international highlights, cultural and educational news, children news, and local news. Its primary objective is educational. It avoids news promoting violence and anti-social behaviour to prevent bad influences on the children’s mind and values. The news selection is based on its educational value and its contribution to the children’s life and welfare.

Language: the “Topic for the day” assiduously maintains a non-partisan and fair editorial stance to further improve the educational environment, social harmony, and children’s welfare and their rights. It focuses on affairs related to family education, school education, cultural issues and children’s welfare.

Literature:contains juvenile literature, science, comics, language, information and parent-child education. Its content is suitable for joint parents and children reading. It enhances the kids’ reading comprehension and cultivates their reading habits and interests. It also serves as an excellent source and reference in children education for teachers and parents.

Mandarin Daily News is a newspaper which reflects on today’s affairs and prepares its readers for tomorrow. It is the oldest and most recognized daily newspaper focused on children education, working relentlessly for the children’s future. Thus Mandarin Daily News is regarded as an all-purpose, multi-functional periodical for both young kids and their parents. It provides its readers with information in a fresh and clean style, full of solid contents and vivid layouts. Its daily format is most suitable for joint parent-child reading and teacher-student sharing.

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