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Mandarin Daily News (MDN) was founded on October 25, 1948 by a group of linguistic experts to promote the right usage of the Mandarin language. It became the only Taiwanese newspaper that printed the Chinese characters with its corresponding phonetic symbols to provide readers with the correct Mandarin pronunciation. The daily helped people from different regional groups learn a common language. Since then, thousands of Taiwanese children and adults have grown up reading MDN to learn the right Mandarin language pronunciation, obtain the latest information, appreciate juvenile literature and enjoy comics.

In 1959, MDN was reorganized into a non-profit foundation focused on promoting language and literary education. Years later, it expanded its educational concerns from the language education to that of children, parental and school education. MDN also enhanced its editorial activities to promote juvenile books, offered quality extra curricular activities for children and broadened its charitable activities. The Mandarin Daily News Foundation therefore has developed into a comprehensive educational organization with profound influence on the lives of children, their families and education as a whole. The MDN organization publishes a Daily Journal, a Weekly Periodical, and a Monthly Magazine named Young Writer Magazine. Also, it established a Mandarin language center, a cultural center, and a website.

The MDN organization has grown to be an inseparable part of many Taiwanese children. Thousands of children have used our pages to learn reading, composition, and speech, and have came to our centers to practice music, art, and dancing. Moreover, thousands of children have also joined the various charitable activities held by MDN. These learning and social experiences have a life long positive impact on thousands of children.

The Mandarin Daily News was born in mid-twentieth century and since inception it has grown steadily. The present president Mr. Huang and its director, Mr. Sun, have remained loyal to its original spirit: to run an educational newspaper with the same educational concern that parents shows for their children. MDN’s commitment to excellence cemented the successes of the Weekly Periodical and the Young Writer Monthly Magazine. Both publications have also gained widespread popularity among its readers and have achieved a large circulation.

MDN’s diversified management has allowed a prosperous divisional growth. The publishing division, the language center, the cultural center, and the IT division each have specialized and developed their own publications, language teaching capabilities, teaching techniques, and expanded the children website, respectively; all of them with the objective of providing educational services, promoting culture and improving the life of children. All in all, Mandarin Daily News is an organization that has positively contributed to our society.

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